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The 3 Pillars of Wayfinding Success

Are you managing your signs, or ar they managing you?

Keeping track of where signs are and what condition they are in and getting signs updated and repaired efficiently is a big challenge.

If you don’t take control of your wayfinding system, you run the risk of outdated, unclear, or damaged signs that will confuse and frustrate your visitors.

A poorly managed and maintained wayfinding system results in a lot of problems. Here are some indicators that your wayfinding system needs improvement:

  • You‘re still tracking signs in email chains or spreadsheets like it’s 1997.
  • Sign projects go past schedule and over budget.
  • Marketing is embarrassed by mismatched and off-brand signs.
  • Staff are tired of stopping to provide directions.
  • Visitors are lost and confused.

When a wayfinding system is properly designed and maintained, it often goes unnoticed. People get from A to B effortlessly, resulting in a positive visitor experience. 

When your wayfinding system is poorly designed and maintained, it costs you time, money, and maybe even sleepless nights.

To help you take control of your wayfinding system once and for all, we'd like to introduce the 3 Pillars of Wayfinding Success.

You need to know where you are before you can decide where to go.

  • Do you have mismatched signs from different eras?
  • Are you responsible for multiple buildings in different locations?
  • Do others need to be involved in your decision making?
  • How and where is your sign information stored?

We've created the Wayfinding System Audit — a simple document you can use to gather the information you need to start making better decisions about your wayfinding system. Provide your email below and we'll send it your way.

Click here to get the Wayfinding System Audit.

Proper wayfinding design requires professional expertise.

Whether you want to radically improve an existing wayfinding project, or design a new wayfinding program from scratch, you'll want to bring experts to help. Finding the right wayfinding designer and sign fabrication company will both be central to your success.

A wayfinding designer will conduct research and analysis of your current facility to identify its key destinations and begin to understand and plan a logical wayfinding flow. They’ll need access to your facility and will most likely need to take pictures to conduct a site survey.

A fabrication company will manufacture or source the signs you need, and, if necessary, install them for you.

Looking for a design firm or fabricator? We work with them every day. Get in touch and we'll help you connect with someone who's a good fit.

Every job is done better and faster with the right tools.

SignAgent is the right tool for planning, implementing, and maintaining wayfinding systems.

Using an all-in-one wayfinding software platform like SignAgent enables you to take full control of your wayfinding system, managing and maintaining your signs now and into the future.

SignAgent is already used by wayfinding designers around the world for wayfinding project management, but it is also a powerful database management tool for facility managers.

With SignAgent, you can collect and track existing sign asset information, map all of your existing and planned signage assets to exact positions in your location plans, control your sign messages, generate your sign artwork, plan your budgets, and collaborate with all of your project partners.

Click here to learn what you can do with SignAgent.