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Introducing the SignAgent referral program for designers and fabricators.

When you refer your facility operator clients to SignAgent, they'll get access to all their project information. With greater control over their sign data, they'll have fewer headaches, lower costs, and improved forecasting. They can also maintain the beautiful signage programs you've created for the long term, maximizing the value of their signs assets and enhancing the wayfinding experience for everyone.

Through our referral program, they’ll have you  to thank!

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About the Referral Program

SignAgent's Referral Program helps your company break free from the unpredictable nature of environmental graphic design and sign fabrication work. You'll be rewarded for your succesful referrals, with recurring credits applied against your company's license fees. And if you surpass your annual license fees you'll earn an annual cash payout.

Say goodbye to feast or famine and start earning rewards today.

The Path to Referral Success

1. Introduce your client to SignAgent

Share the benefits of SignAgent with your client at a suitable time, such as during the bidding process, project review, or upon project completion.

2. Submit your referral leads

Join our program, accept the terms, and gain access to our referral platform. Enter your leads, access marketing resources, and track the progress of our sales team.

3. We'll contact your client to schedule a demo

Once we receive your referral, our sales team will reach out to your client, providing a demo of SignAgent and addressing any questions.

4. Start earning and enjoying your commissions

For each referred client who becomes a licensed SignAgent customer, you'll receive a 15% credit of their annual license fees. This credit will recur annually as long as they remain a licensed customer. If your annual referred licenses reach $50,000, you'll receive an additional 15% of recurring credits, totaling 30%.

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Is there a limit to the number of clients we can refer?

No, there is no limit. Feel free to refer as many clients as you like.

Does the client need to be a certain size to qualify?

No, there are no size requirements. However, the referred client must commit to being a licensed SignAgent customer for at least one year for the referral to be valid.

Can I submit referral leads on spec?

Yes, you can submit leads on spec. However, if multiple companies refer the same lead, only the company that successfully refers SignAgent and lands the business will receive the referral credit.

Is pricing the same for Manage licenses as it is for Design or Build licenses?

Pricing for facility users is based on a formula that considers square footage and sign intensity by industry. During the sales process, we will work through the details and keep you informed.

My business has a policy against accepting commissions. Is there a way I can still participate?

Yes, you can still participate. We can tally your credits and donate them to SEGD in support of Student memberships, or we can donate your credits to the registered charity of your choice.

How do you keep track of my referrals?

We use a platform called Kiflo. We will provide onboarding to familiarize you with the program and show you how to track the status of your referrals.

Do you have any promotional materials I can use to help me introduce SignAgent to my clients?

Yes, within the Kiflo platform we provide resources like information sheets and case studies that you can share with your clients to help them learn more about SignAgent.