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Plan and manage your signs with ease.

Whether you are designing a wayfinding system for a health care facility, office building, stadium or university campus, SignAgent Pro™ will allow you to keep a record of all your signs and sign types.

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“Two Twelve designs wayfinding systems for large, complex facilities. SignAgent Pro™ allows us to easily create and report these systems, saving time and money and allowing us to offer a more valuable service to our clients.”

David Gibson

Principal, Two Twelve

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David Gibson, an internationally recognized wayfinding designer and author of the award-winning volume The Wayfinding Handbook, recognized early on that SignAgent Pro™ represented a significant opportunity to optimize Two Twelve’s sign programming process and provide their clients with better value.

Two Twelve designs helps people find their way through some of the world’s most prestigious and recognizable structures and institutions, including The Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal (above), MetLife Stadium, The City of Chicago (streetscape), Downtown Brooklyn, Disneyland Resort, and The John’s Hopkins Hospital. In 2010, Two Twelve became one of the very first adopters of SignAgent Pro™. Since that time, SignAgent Pro™ has become an indispensible software tool, enabling TwoTwelve™ to significantly streamline the wayfinding planning and design process. SignAgent Pro’s integration between database and location plans provides Two Twelve and their esteemed clients with easy and reliable management and documentation of their wayfinding solutions.

How SignAgent Pro™ helps Two Twelve:

  • Allows for easy management of thousands of signs across hospitals, stadiums, universities, and many other complex wayfinding systems
  • Offers multiple layers of categorization across different sign types, statuses, and project phases
  • Easy, built-in reporting capability allows for easy production of message schedules, sign counts, and more!
  • Data collection from mobile devices allows for easy and reliable defects reporting


Relational Database

SignAgent Pro™ is a database for all of your signage information, including messages, type, status, phase, quantity, cost, language translations, client notes, sign artwork, damages and defects, and much more.

Integrated Location Plans

Set up your location plans in Adobe InDesign, for a customizable visual layout of all your signs, with the ability to make changes through the powerful sign editing scripts.


Synchronization System

SignAgent Pro™ gives you the flexibility to create or modify signs in its database or directly on your location plan. The Synchronization System will then update your other file with the new information.

Customizable Reports

SignAgent Pro™ lets you quickly and accurately compile your sign information into fully customizable reports and includes templates for Sign Counts, Message Schedules, Defects Reports and more!


Mobile Defects App

Included with SignAgent Pro™, SignAgent Go™ allows you to record and photograph sign defects from your Apple iOS devices.


Enter translated phrases into the SignAgent Pro™ database, and it will update all matching phrases with the proper translation.



2017 Customer Satisfaction

Support for SignAgent Pro™ is included with your user license during your first year.

We take pride in exemplary customer support. In fact, our average first reply time is 4 times faster than the industry average. We’re dedicated to ensuring you always get the most out of SignAgent Pro™.

With SignAgent, you get

  • an online tutorial library
  • e-mail ticket support, web ticket support
  • support forums
  • emergency phone and screen-sharing support
  • Free SignAgent Pro™ upgrades


SignAgent Pro™ User License

USD $2,000/user

Licensing is available for single user installations. Interested in purchasing multiple licenses? Contact us for more information.

Annual Support

USD $320/year

Support is included with your licensing fees during your first year of use. We offer paid extended support once your first year is complete.


Additional Training

USD $100/hour (2-hour minimum)

Need to train a new employee? Out of practice?

Purchase additional online training in 1-hour increments.




 Macintosh/Windows compatible


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Requires Apple iOS 7.1 or later.

SignAgent Pro™ is produced and managed by SignAgent Inc. — a wayfinding software developer based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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