SignAgent Launches Build

Now you can use SignAgent to order signs from your Build partners on behalf of your clients. Get accurate quotes on production and installation and track the progress of your projects.

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Get your mojo back.

Frustrated by slow, error-prone sign programming?

Design wayfinding and signage projects? Tired of juggling multiple location plans and spreadsheets, waiting on client approvals, and fixing up errors and inconsistencies? We've been there. We get it.

SignAgent is a cloud-based software solution that eliminates the repetitive, tedious tasks associated with sign programming, and frees up time and mental space for strategy and creativity.

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What you'll do with SignAgent.

Stop juggling multiple softwares, spreadsheets, and documents and establish a single source of truth for your wayfinding and signage projects.

Use our iOS Mobile App to complete sign surveys and takeoffs.

Easily create location plans and message schedules. 

 Know the exact status of every sign within your project workflow.

Eliminate repetitive, tedious tasks and improve efficiency and profitability.

Use our Designer tool to automatically create vectorized production artwork.

Collaborate with all project stakeholders and partners in a shared platform.

Order sign production and installation from your Build partners on behalf of your clients and track the production progress. 

Meet tight deadlines and handle a higher volume of work by completing your sign programming work 4x faster!

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“SignAgent improves workflow from concept through implementation.

We have been able to program a multi-building campus project quickly and efficiently using this innovative and flexible system. I am thankful to be able to tap into this intelligent, multifaceted approach to sign programming.”

Korinna Hirsch
Perkins + Will

“Before using SignAgent, doing location plans was slow, painful, and prone to errors.

SignAgent has absolutely transformed the speed and accuracy of programming larger signage and wayfinding systems.”

Zach Kotel
Senior Designer | Ashton Design

"This kind of breadth in a product is incredible.

SignAgent has helped our team in all phases including programming, design, review, development, production, site verifications, site readiness, and installation."

Jamie (Causey) Starrett
Design Operations Manager | 3D Identity by Elements

Design FAQs

What is the learning curve for SignAgent?

SignAgent is easy to learn!

If you have experience in signage or wayfinding, SignAgent will be simple to pick up. Plus we provide training, have a dedicated support team, and detailed documentation to help you every step of the way.

Can I export reports?

Of course! SignAgent allows you to export location plans, Excel spreadsheets, sign artwork, photos, and fully customizable PDF reports. However, with the ability to invite your clients and teammates in, you might find yourself relying on reports less and less!

Can my facility clients use SignAgent?

Yes, once you've completed the creation of a signage program in SignAgent, it can be a very powerful database for them to use to manage and maintain their signs moving forward.

Ask us about our referral program if you'd like be rewarded for introducing your clients to SignAgent.

Can I invite others to collaborate with me on projects?

Yes, you can invite coworkers, clients, designers, fabricators, installers, or anyone else with a variety of permission levels, including an option for free view-only access.

How do I get dynamic artwork?

Signs are drawn normally in Adobe Illustrator with each field on its own layer and exported as an SVG. That can then be imported into SignAgent as a template.

Click here to watch our SignAgent Artwork 101 Webinar.

I'm swamped with work. Can SignAgent help?

Yes, if you have a heavy workload or tight deadlines, SignAgent is available to help with location planning, surveys, template setup, and data entry.


The SignAgent Mobile App

Use the SignAgent Mobile App to gather information from the field and immediately add it to your cloud-based sign database in real time.

Person using SignAgent on a laptop to design a sign for an office.

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The company we keep.

Architectural firms, experiential design firms, and wayfinding specialists around the world are using SignAgent.

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