Good signs help people.
We help people make good signs.

When wayfinding and signage projects are easier to manage, you can focus on the strategic and creative activities that ensure a better wayfinding experience for everyone.

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The Problem

Signage and wayfinding projects are harder than they should be. Experiential graphic designers, facility managers, and sign fabricators need a better way to manage their wayfinding and signage programs.

How We Help

The SignAgent platform simplifies your process, helping you create, design, plan, and manage accurate and effective sign programs, so that you can stop wasting time and start helping people get where they need to go.

Our Story is Your Story

It's easy to get lost in this big, confusing world.

Information and wayfinding signage programs help us navigate through all kinds of places - hospitals, stadiums, universities, transit systems, airports. When signs are accurate and effective, they go unnoticed. When they're not, confusion and frustration result. That's a big problem, especially in places where people are already under stress.

Signage professionals around the world - experiential graphic designers, facility managers, and sign fabricators - spend significant time and resources ensuring sign programs are accurate, attractive, effective, and up to date. Those people play a significant role in helping others navigate the built environment but they've been underserved by technology.

Outdated tools and processes have made sign project implementation repetitive, mundane, and error-prone. And communications between project stakeholders are fragmented. SignAgent is changing all that.

SignAgent's cloud-based platform brings signage professionals together within a single, cloud-based platform.

SignAgent streamlines project workflow, minimizes mundane tasks, and eliminates errors. With SignAgent, users complete projects in a fraction of the time, with significantly better results. And SignAgent's collaboration features include all stakeholders in the project life cycle, from concept to completion and beyond.

When wayfinding and signage project management are easier to manage, you can focus on the strategic and creative activities that ensure a better wayfinding experience for everyone.

Simply put, SignAgent is a better way to better wayfinding.

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SignAgent Founder & CEO, David Jorritsma

Meet our Founder

David Jorritsma (SEGD member since 2012), experienced the pains of signage programming for himself while working in Toronto at one of Canada's leading environmental design firms. He often thought there must be a better way. There wasn't, so he decided to build it himself.

David and his growing team have invested their time and energy developing SignAgent, a better system for wayfinding programming, with the potential to benefit the entire industry.

Since its launch over a decade ago, SignAgent has evolved into the leading cloud-based, all-in-one wayfinding and signage project management platform.


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