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How 3D Identity by Elements improved their project management process with SignAgent

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3D Identity by Elements

3D Identity by Elements is a Denver-based full-service experiential graphic design studio. Their services include branding, wayfinding, and experiential graphic design and also extend to in-house fabrication and installation. Their clients include some of North America's most iconic brands.


3D Identity was on the constant lookout for new efficient ways to streamline their project workflow

Jamie Starrett is the Design Operations Manager at 3D Identity. Jamie is responsible for managing internal processes that help save time and allow the team to focus more on the design aspects of a project.

A primary challenge that Jamie’s team was facing was the time it was taking to program signs by hand. Things like location plans markups, braille translations, arrow markers, and number placements used to be done manually. Add to the mix a separate Excel spreadsheet for sign scheduling and the entire process was extremely time consuming. For one particular (and typical) project, the sign programming process took 60 hours.

Another problem that the 3D Identity design team constantly ran into was not having documentation that led the team through production and installation with cohesive messaging. Tracking a project’s progress using multiple documents and across several platforms increased the likelihood of errors.

Being an experienced designer herself, Jamie realized she needed a solution that would help establish a robust process while freeing up the team’s time for strategic and creative work.


An improved project management process

3D Identity chose SignAgent for their project management process. They also began using SignAgent mobile app in the field to complete site surveys and share installation updates.

SignAgent became a single source of truth for the company’s projects, serving as a critical tool in preparing and managing project documentation. Besides the initial onboarding, the design team had access to educational webinars and step-by-step tutorials to smooth out the transition to the new process.

With SignAgent, Jamie was able to find a solution that would not only save time on the programming end, but also improve production efficiency.

Pictured on the right, 3D Identity Senior Experiential Designer Abigail uses SignAgent to position signage directly onto a client’s location plan and program individual sign designs and messaging.


Retest and completion of the 60-hour programming project in just seven hours

3D Identity is better able to track projects and communicate with internal and external project stakeholders.

The SignAgent platform has significantly reduced errors, with less need for proofreading.

Overall, the shift to SignAgent has resulted in a better project management experience for staff, greater organizational efficiency, improved project delivery, and a healthier bottom line.

Jamie tested the efficiency of SignAgent by repeating the 60-hour programming project mentioned above. Using SignAgent, she was able to complete the same amount of work in just seven hours! (That’s over 8 times faster.)

3D Identity was able to improve its internal handoff and verification process. The SignAgent template and fabricator script features have proven critical for both programming and production.

Replacing the old method of handmarking and manually preparing messaging in Excel has freed up time for the design team to spend more time focusing on creative and strategic deliverables.

“SignAgent has done so much for every step of our process and our on-site teams are now hooked.

“SignAgent has helped our team in all phases including programming, design, review, development, production, site verifications, site readiness, and installation. That kind of breadth in a product is incredible.”

Jamie Starrett

Design Operations Manager
3D Identity

Jamie Starrett's headshot

Jamie Starrett
Design Operations Manager
3D Identity


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