How to Do A Site Survey: A Real World Example

The first step in planning and managing an effective wayfinding system is to inventory and audit your current signage.

Are you still completing site surveys and installs using paper floorplans and spreadsheets? Are you looking for a better way? This webinar guides you through the process of preparing for and conducting a site survey for a local healthcare facility in SignAgent.

Webinar Agenda:

  • What is a Site Survey (3:23)
  • The Scenario (5:13)
  • Video: Site Survey (5:59)
  • Using the Mobile App (8:43)
  • The Results/Benefits (22:06)
  • Q&A (27:16)

As highlighted in the webinar, our mobile app can assist you with your fieldwork before, during, and after your sign installations. More details about the SignAgent mobile app can be found here, including a direct link to download.

Are you short on time? Under pressure to complete a site survey? We can also help with that! Check out our project services for more details or to request an estimate.