IOC and UEFA Commission Guide to Improve Sustainability Solutions for Event Branding & Signage

Outdoor signage

Sports. Signage. Sustainability.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and UEFA, recently teamed up with Anthesis (a sustainability advisory firm) on the creation of a technical study — Environmental Impact Evaluation of Branding and Signage Solutions for Events. The goal of the study is to evaluate the impact of signage and branding activities and identify more sustainable solutions.

The study explores the materials used at major sporting events, including flags, banners, information boards, and stage dressings and identifies opportunities to improve design and procurement decisions.

At SignAgent we take a keen interest in this project because our cloud-based platform is increasingly being used to design, plan, install, and manage wayfinding and other signage for some of the world's most prestigious sporting events. SignAgent streamlines the sign project workflow, reducing time, energy, and resources needed to manage these complicated projects.

The SignAgent platform also contains a complete database of signage information for any given project, including the messaging and GPS-coordinate location of each and every sign asset. As such, sign materials can easily be tracked to help identify opportunities for improved sustainability at scale.

We look forward to following the evolution of this study and hope to be able to contribute in the future.

Learn more about the study at these links: