SignAgent Launches Build

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SignAgent Launches Build:
New Channel to Expedite Sign Order Fulfillment



Wednesday, July 10, 2024

SignAgent, the SAAS platform for managing sign assets and information throughout their life cycle, is thrilled to launch SignAgent Build. SignAgent Build is made exclusively for sign builders and installers.

SignAgent Build

Build offers three powerful capabilities: Orders, the Build projects kanban, and the Install App.


The new Orders feature represents an improved channel for requesting, issuing, and invoicing fast and accurate sign build and install quotes.

SignAgent Build enables SignAgent's Design and Manage clients to order signs, sign production, and installation directly from sign builders and installers. SignAgent Build enables builders to access detailed sign information for the purpose of providing quotes. Builders do not require an on-going SignAgent subscription to provide quotes or fulfill orders. Instead, they pay a project-based processing fee upon acceptance of the quote by their clients.

To create a request for quote to their Build partners, project managers simply move signs to an order state. Builders receive the request by email and are then given access to a complete list of the signs needed for the project, along with production art, specifications, and instructions for each sign. With this information, builders then set prices for the production and installation of each sign and provide timely and accurate quotes for review and approval.

Build Projects Kanban

Build projects includes a customizable kanban - a more straightforward approach to sign project management. Builders are able to access the kanban once quotes are approved. The kanban gives all stakeholders insight into the builder's progress as the signs move through the stages of production. If installation was included in the quote, details of the installation work order immediately become available to the installer within the new Install App.

The Install App

The new Install App enhances efficient implementation of field work.

The Install App itself, available for Android and iOS devices, is a game changer for sign installation. This mobile application facilitates improved management of the installation process. The app provides installers with comprehensive installation details. Project managers get real-time updates from the field, ensuring all stakeholders are informed about the status of the installation as it happens.

The Install App can be installed free of charge in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

A New Project Fulfillment Channel

David Jorritsma, president and founder of SignAgent said, "We are excited about the launch of Build. Orders creates a new fulfillment channel that enables sign builders to expedite sign orders and production, and the Install App enhances the speed and accuracy of sign installations. Together, they expand the collaborative nature of SignAgent, making it possible for builders to provide seamless project delivery to their Design and Manage clients."

Attend the SignAgent Build Webinar

SignAgent will provide a full walkthrough of these new offerings in a webinar on July 18, 2024. Detailed support information is already available in SignAgent's customer support knowledge base. Non-SignAgent users are also invited to join the webinar and encouraged to book a demo for a thorough walk-through of SignAgent Build. After the webinar, SignAgent users requiring additional information should contact SignAgent's Customer Success team.

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