SignAgent Partners with Mijksenaar

The SignAgent team and the Mijksenaar team together at the PTE 2023 event

BURLINGTON, ON, March 16, 2023

Today, SignAgent and Mijksenaar are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will be the basis for further integration of the asset management platform into all major steps of the wayfinding design process.

Since 2018, Mijksenaar has implemented and tested SignAgent in a wide range of projects with different wayfinding challenges, including Museum of the Future, ASML, Bangalore Airport, Amsterdam Medical Center, and Wereldhave to name a few.

Nurturing the benefits of this partnership, Mijksenaar will continue to implement the SignAgent platform in the entire value chain of design and maintenance of wayfinding assets through the powerful and innovative database.

Typically, once a design firm’s work is delivered, it becomes the client organization’s responsibility to manage and maintain signage in a way that upholds the initial standards of design excellence. Experience shows that over time, quality and consistency of a program may suffer, leading to a poorer visitor experience.

Mijksenaar Business Director Aad Kalkman said, “In every project, we work closely with our clients to understand the needs of their visitors. We balance artistry and practicality to create simple but beautiful experiences. We see SignAgent as an excellent resource for our clients to be able to effectively manage and maintain their own physical wayfinding and signage assets once our initial work is complete, while also protecting their investment in the wayfinding experience.”

By providing a single source for all sign-related data, SignAgent offers greater control over a facility’s physical wayfinding and signage assets: what signs they have, where they are located, what they say, and how they are installed. Facility operators can budget signage costs for new capital projects or renovations, forecast preventative maintenance costs, and enable a streamlined and accurate process for replacing or updating signage whenever necessary. They can also easily share that information and further collaborate with vendor partners, such as designers, sign fabricators, and installers.

SignAgent President David Jorritsma said, “Mijksenaar does amazing work for their clients and the people that navigate their spaces. I’m so glad they’ve decided to promote SignAgent platform to their clients so that everyone, including facilities operators and visitors, truly benefits from their important work over the long term.”

This week, from March 14 to 16, SignAgent made its debut appearance at Passenger Terminal Expo 2023 in Amsterdam. At the show, SignAgent showcased its innovative wayfinding and signage asset management platform, and representatives from Mijksenaar were on hand to connect with clients and introduce them to SignAgent.

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We believe good signs improve lives. We help sign professionals do better work faster. That leads to happier managers, designers, and fabricators and more positive, inspired experiences for people as they navigate through complex facilities and campuses.

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About Mijksenaar

Mijksenaar is one of Europe’s leading wayfinding design firms, with offices in Amsterdam and New York. Mijksenaar combines analytical expertise with creativity, empathy, psychology, and data-driven design to create solutions that help people find their way on their many journeys. Beyond finding your way, Mijksenaar’s interventions truly connect people with spaces and places, through orientation, navigation and experience.

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