Streamlining Fabrication with SignAgent

Did you know that SignAgent can be used to significantly streamline the sign fabrication process, and create and manage custom sign fabrication workflows?

Watch this presentation by SignAgent founder, David Jorritsma, as he demonstrates exactly how fabricators can use SignAgent and the SignAgent app to save time and money and take full control of their sign fabrication and installation projects. David addresses some common misconceptions around the resistance of sign fabricators to use new technology, making a strong case for innovative sign fabrication companies to have their own SignAgent accounts, whether their clients use it or not.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Common objections (3:00)
  • Collaboration (4:18)
  • Take-offs (8:15)
  • Artwork Creation (20:25)
  • Artwork Preparation (20:51)
  • Braille (39:15)
  • Q&A (43:00)