SignAgent Launches New Brand Identity

The SignAgent team at SEGD's 50th anniversary event

WASHINGTON, DC, August 24, 2023 Today, SignAgent officially announced the launch of its newly updated brand identity. The announcement was made at SEGD’s Annual Conference, in Washington DC, where the experiential graphic design society is celebrating its 50th anniversary. SignAgent’s rebranding project began in January 2023 with the help of J2, a Philadelphia-based branding agency.…

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We’ve rebranded!

The SignAgent looks a little different today. That’s because we’ve udpated our brand identity: Same name but a whole new look and feel. Visit this page to learn more about our new brand identity. Click here to read our official press release.

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5 Risks of Poor Wayfinding

People asking directions at the airport

Wayfinding is a crucial aspect of any public or private space as it helps people navigate and find their way to their desired location. Poor wayfinding brings risks for organizations that can negatively impact a range of factors, all of which have hidden but very real costs associated with them. Here are 5 of those…

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3D Identity By Elements

Preview image featuring Jamie Starrett on the left, and one of the projects on the right.

Case Study How 3D Identity by Elements improved their project management process with SignAgent THE CLIENT 3D Identity by Elements 3D Identity by Elements is a Denver-based full-service experiential graphic design studio. Their services include branding, wayfinding, and experiential graphic design and also extend to in-house fabrication and installation. Their clients include some of North…

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Introducing SignAgent Designer

We’ve just launched a powerful new feature: SignAgent Designer! Click here to watch our most recent webinar and learn how you can now program dynamic sign templates directly in SignAgent without finicky Illustrator commands.

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SignAgent Partners with Mijksenaar

The SignAgent team and the Mijksenaar team together at the PTE 2023 event

BURLINGTON, ON, March 16, 2023 Today, SignAgent and Mijksenaar are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will be the basis for further integration of the asset management platform into all major steps of the wayfinding design process. Since 2018, Mijksenaar has implemented and tested SignAgent in a wide range of projects with different wayfinding challenges,…

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SignAgent Partners with Cosign to Enable Growth in India

Cosign India logo

BURLINGTON, ON, March 21, 2023 SignAgent and Cosign have entered into an exciting partnership. Cosign will have the unique opportunity to introduce the SignAgent platform to India by being its authorized partner. Under this new agreement, Cosign will introduce the SignAgent platform to wayfinding and signage designers within the Indian market. They will generate SignAgent…

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Frankfurt University Hospital

Preview image featuring Onandi Elliott on the left, and one of the projects on the right.

Case Study How Frankfurt University Hospital saves time and money managing their signs with SignAgent THE CLIENT Frankfurt University Hospital Frankfurt University Hospital is among the leading clinics in Germany. The Clinic, founded in 1914, combines therapeutic, rehabilitation, and research areas. It has become a world famous and popular medical institution. The hospital’s 433,200 square…

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New Feature: Show or Hide Translations and Inherited Messages

Attention sign programmers! Do you want to be able to simplify your sign forms and hide fields you’re not using? We’re happy to introduce this new feature, which allows you to hide translations and inherited messages from your sign forms. You’ll find this option under the hamburger icon in the sign message section. The dropdown…

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