Introducing something new from SignAgent.

We've updated our brand identity to better reflect who we are and who we serve.

Our new brand system includes a new wordmark, icon, graphic elements and photo treatment, and a bright new colour scheme that corresponds with the 3 key functional areas of SignAgent: Design, Build, and Manage.

About the logo


Our logo is the signature of our brand, visually representing who we are and what we do in a direct and simple way.

The pairing of the wordmark with the icon to the right makes up our logo. The letterforms are bold and uniformly placed, set in a confident geometric sans serif, with the icon to the right that leads the eye forward.

About the tagline

Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 9.37.23 AM

Our tagline is "Lead the Way."

This can be interpreted literally: A wayfinding system leads the way for travellers. It can also be interpreted figuratively: As a company, we lead the way by providing a platform for more efficient sign information and asset management. Our clients also lead the way by embracing digital transformation of outdated processes.

Finally, the tagline is imperative: It's an invitation and a challenge to everyone who plays a role in the creation and implementation of wayfinding and signage programs.

About the icon

Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 8.56.33 AM

Our icon is a dynamic representation of progression and movement.

It is derived from the concept of convergance: Three equilateral triangles converge to form another forward-pointing triangle in the overlapping negative space.

The three individual triangles represent the three primary uses of SignAgent: Design (orange), Build (teal), and Manage (royal blue).

Whether the individual triangles are seen as pointing inward or pointing forward, together they represent a shared purpose: Leading the way.