SignAgent Inc. Launches SignAgent™: New Cloud-Based Sign Project Management Platform

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BURLINGTON, ON, January 23, 2018

Today, SignAgent Inc. announces the launch of its new all-in-one cloud-based wayfinding and project management platform called SignAgent™.

The brand new platform represents a significant shift in how sign designers, sign managers and sign fabricators will do their work. SignAgent increases the speed of project delivery, reduces errors and improves collaboration between all project partners. Instead of relying on multiple software tools, signage professionals can now plan, implement, and maintain complex signage projects within a single platform, collaborating easily with all of their project partners throughout the life cycle of each project.

The company’s existing locally installed products — SignAgent Pro™ and SignAgent Manager™ — currently used by many of the world’s leading wayfinding and signage design firms for large health care facilities, stadiums and office complexes. But the launch of SignAgent marks a significant milestone for the company, which is now beginning the process of transitioning users into the new platform.

“As a former wayfinding designer, my goal from the beginning has been to simplify wayfinding planning design, implementation and maintenance for everyone involved,” said David Jorritsma, president of SignAgent Inc. “SignAgent enables signage professionals to further improve their accuracy and efficiency, freeing up their time to focus on other creative and important work. And moving to the cloud enables them to do their work from anywhere and share their projects with others in real time.”

“SignAgent improves workflow from concept through implementation,” said Korinna Hirsch, Senior Project Designer at Perkins+Will, a global design firm with more than twenty offices across four continents. “We have been able to program a multi-building campus project quickly and efficiently using this innovative and flexible system. I am thankful to be able to tap into this intelligent, multifaceted approach to sign programming.”

SignAgentis a monthly subscription-based service, which is discounted for those who make a one-year commitment. Interested parties are invited to a one-month full access free trial by visiting the website:

About SignAgent Inc.

SignAgent™ is the cloud-based, all-in-one wayfinding and signage project management platform that gives you complete control of your projects through their entire life cycle. Whether you are designing a signage system for a health care facility, office building, stadium or university campus, SignAgent™ allows you to complete your work with accuracy and efficiency.

At SignAgent Inc., we believe that good signs improve lives. We help sign professionals do better work faster. That leads to happier designers, managers, fabricators and more positive, inspired experiences for people as they navigate through complex facilities and campuses.

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