How to Complete Sign Surveys Using SignAgent

What is a Sign Survey? A sign survey is an important and crucial first step for any interior or exterior signage project that involves updating or replacing existing signs. It is also a worthwhile exercise for any organization that wants to get a better handle on their signage assets. Easy access to a complete database…

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New Feature: Show or Hide Translations and Inherited Messages

Attention sign programmers! Do you want to be able to simplify your sign forms and hide fields you’re not using? We’re happy to introduce this new feature, which allows you to hide translations and inherited messages from your sign forms. You’ll find this option under the hamburger icon in the sign message section. The dropdown…

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7 Signs of Bad Hospital Wayfinding

Healthcare worker looking confused.

Written and originally posted here by PLANIT. Hospital wayfinding is simply the process of finding your way in and through a hospital. And if you’re in a hospital odds are you don’t want to be. If you aren’t a hospital employee or contractor, chances are you or someone you care about is in need of…

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Press Release: SEGD Honours SignAgent with Arrow Award

David Jorritsma accepts 2021 SEGD Arrow Award

Pictured, left to right: Anna Crider (Partner, Entro and Board President, SEGD), David Jorritsma (President, SignAgent), Cybelle Jones (CEO, SEGD), and Mike McCarthy (Vice President, DCL and Treasurer/Secretary and Board Member, SEGD). Photo courtesy SEDG. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 4, 2021 Today, The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) awarded SignAgent with an Arrow Award. The…

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SignAgent Fabricator Script

It’s here! SignAgent has released our Illustrator Script for Fabricators. It will take folders of artwork exported by SignAgent, consolidate them into a single Illustrator file, arrange them onto custom sheet sizes for production, and group the layers for easy isolation and manipulation of sign elements and components. You can download it from the Adobe…

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New “What’s New” feature! (on dev)😂😂😂 Test

You’re testing out the new “What’s New” feature! This post has been added to the “What’s New (Dev)” category, so it will only show up in development. If you change the category to “What’s New” then it will only show up on production (this is a great way to test your post on before…

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A Message for the SignAgent Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Covid-19 Sign Library

It’s easy to say “we’re here to help”, but it’s not very proactive. The other night I woke up with an idea. In normal times, wayfinding and graphic design agencies often guard their creations. That makes sense: It’s a competitive world and you do unique and creative work. But right now, with temporary healthcare and…

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