Managing Covid-19 Signage

The switch to remote work was sudden and unexpected, but as businesses start to reopen it's important to explore how this can be done safely. During this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use SignAgent to complete your return-to-work projects faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors.

This collaborative presentation features Kelly Moorhead, Design Director at Envision, and Jeff Uzbalis, Branding & Transportation Specialist at 3M

To start, Kelly dives into a return-to-work signage project that her team completed for the offices of a financial institution. She outlines some of the issues that they encountered, including a tight turnaround, and how, with the help of SignAgent, they were able to overcome those obstacles and get over 100 floor plans laid out in just two weeks. 

Next, Jeff outlines some of the overlooked pitfalls with wayfinding and floor decal manufacturing. He discusses how to manage, prepare, and be successful with your return-to-work projects. 

Finally, David recaps some challenges Kelly encountered and highlights some new features that we added to the SignAgent platform as a result. More details on these features can be found on our What's New page.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Kelly: Return-to-work signage project (3:52)
  • Jeff: Wayfinding and floor decal manufacturing (13:46)
  • Dave: New features implemented to ease return to work signage (41:28)
  • Q&A (54:45)

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Do you need help with a return-to-work signage project? We are here to help with implementation, site surveying, templating, and more! Check out our project services page for more details or to request an estimate.