Working with Visuals

Visuals are everywhere and they can often define and communicate information more concisely than words. There are symbols, accents, maps, and more!

Do you want to learn best practices when it comes to preparing visuals in Illustrator? This webinar covers naming conventions for dark or light visuals and applying custom colours to visuals, as well as various tips and tricks.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Visuals (2:32)
    • What is a Visual? (2:35)
    • Types of Visuals (3:05)
    • Vector vs Raster (6:26)
  • Working with Visuals (9:04)
    • SignAgent Visual Field Options (9:09)
    • Adding Visuals (12:44)
    • Grouping Visuals (15:53)
    • Placement into Artwork (19:53)
    • Preparing Visuals (25:24)
    • Advanced Options (31:42)
  • Q&A (33:38)

If you still have any further questions about managing visuals feel free to contact us at

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