Artwork 201

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About Have you watched our Artwork 101 webinar? Are you looking to take a deeper dive into templating? Want to learn more details on multiline directionals, alignment commands, and other tricks? If so,  this webinar is for you! During the presentation, we look at the templates that were created during “Artwork 101” and take them…

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Managing Covid-19 Signage

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About The switch to remote work was sudden and unexpected, but as businesses start to reopen it’s important to explore how this can be done safely. During this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use SignAgent to complete your return-to-work projects faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. This collaborative presentation features Kelly Moorhead, Design…

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Artwork 101

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About Do you want to learn how to take a regularly drawn sign in Illustrator and make the template dynamic in SignAgent? During this presentation, SignAgent founder David Jorritsma covers the basics of text, symbols, and color. You’ll learn the importance of setting up your template properly, with all of the necessary standards, in order…

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